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After the Wedding

Why Hire Angela Nicole Events

At Angela Nicole Events we allow you to have an experience from the very beginning.  It is important that we anticipate our client needs and deliver exceptional service.  It doesn’t just happen.  We are intentional about allowing you to have a stress-free wedding or special occasion event.  We have connections and special relationships with wedding and event vendors who serve our ideal clients. It is no doubt that we save you time and money.  As they say time is money.  We don’t just book the venue, we devote time and read over contracts before they are presented to clients to ensure that you don’t incur additional cost when using the venue.  We provide our client with choices by laying out the pros and cons of various venues to determine which one best meet the client needs.  We don’t assume that our clients know the legalities of various venues, alcohol policies, as well as the rates at different times of the week or year.  That information is shared to help make the best decision for the client.  We don’t stop there, we educate our clients on the most effective beverage or musical entertainment.  ANE provides access to resources clients could not reach on their own.  The ANE experience can’t be replicated by the client alone.

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