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Bride Etiquette

Brides' it is leading up to your big day and you are excited along with others who are happy to witness the union. But let’s set the record straight, you definitely don’t want to make family, friends, and co-workers that you couldn’t invite feel that they aren't valued. Do you want to keep the meaningful relationships you have with others after the wedding? Yes, you do. Let’s discuss BRIDE ETIQUETTE for a minute.

  1. Choose your words carefully before posting to social media about turning guest away at the door and guest count. Most people understand weddings are expensive, require planning and the guest list has to be capped to stay within your budget. As they say, “it isn’t what you say as much as how you say it.” Use tact and be mindful of how you express yourself because once it is put out there it is no nice way of taking it back.

  2. Never invite guest to your bridal shower if you can’t afford to extend an invitation to the wedding. I remember this happening to me. A co-worker invited our entire team to the bridal shower and wedding except me. I was only invited to the bridal shower. I didn’t even consider going to the bridal shower. So remember, gifts are nice but lifelong friendships are better.

  3. Avoid including gift registry information on invites. This is not where you want to share that information. It makes it appear that you are more concerned about gifts than celebrating together with guest at your wedding.

  4. Respect guests wait time between the ceremony and reception. Think about having things for guests to do in between the ceremony and reception. Give your guest the same respect you would want extended to you. The goal is to make sure they celebrate with you and your groom.

  5. Don’t make guest pay for their adult beverages. Cash bars are not good choices. Guest shouldn’t have to pay for anything. There are ways to cut cost with adult beverages or you could consider soft drinks, teas, etc. instead of having alcohol.

  6. Make it your business to greet every guest before the wedding reception comes to an end. A good way to do that is to pass out favors individually to guest which ensures that you let guest know that you appreciate them for sharing your special day with you.

  7. Within 3 weeks make sure you send “Thank You” notes. This should be a priority. Saying thank you is always in style.

Angela L. Tyler

Owner of Angela Nicole Events


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