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Why You Must Hire a Professional Wedding Coordinator

Most guest arrive to an event and see all the pretty. They have no idea what goes on behind the scenes to execute a flawless day or event. So let me put things in perspective for you and share with you WHY you MUST hire professionals.

  1. A Professional Coordinator will ensure that the event is executed flawlessly by making sure everything is set up and broken down and the day is smooth with little to no hiccups. They allow the bride to relax and not worry about anything. They BOSS up.

  2. A professional will be prepared with an emergency kit and have a plan in place should certain situations arise. A non-professional will not think ahead and plan for what could happen.

  3. A professional coordinator will educate you on the rules of your venue and inform you of the dos and don’ts prior to booking. A non-professional could cause you to lose your deposit.

  4. A Professional Coordinator will be able to advise you on vendors that have a reputable reputations and deliver quality services. A non-professional does not have preferred vendors.

  5. A Professional Coordinator will have a backup plan with a team in case he or she is ill. A non-professional does not have a team in place.

  6. A Professional Coordinator will stay until the end of your event. A non- professional will feel their job is done as soon they get you down the aisle.

  7. A Professional Coordinator will review contracts with you prior to signing them to ensure their client is protected. A non-professional does not review contracts.

  8. A Professional Coordinator will have a team to oversee things and ensure that each vendor arrive on time. They communicate to vendors ongoing to ensure the client gets what they paid for. A non-professional will not know all the things that need to be discussed with vendors so everyone knows their role and responsibilities.

  9. A Professional Coordinator has insurance just in case an accident happens. A non-professional doesn’t operate a business so does not carry this necessary insurance.

  10. A Professional Coordinator will educate you on the best time of the year or day of the week to maximize your budget. A non-professional will not have the knowledge to maximize your budget.

So I would love hear from you. Are you a bride that didn’t hire a professional and regret it? Are you a bride who is debating whether you should hire a professional or friend? Are you the one who thinks coordinators are a luxury and not really needed? Share your thoughts.

Angela L. Tyler

Owner of Angela Nicole Events 252-308-4395

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