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The Angela Nicole Bride

Are we the right fit for each other? Here is a little about the ANE Bride.

She is optimistic, upbeat, true to herself and loves to laugh. 

She loves the finer brands but often waits for the perfect sale. 

She loves pretty details and standing out in the crowd,so she often shops consignment stores and antique malls to find one of a kind things that represent her sense of fashion/style.

She has an unbreakable bond with fresh flowers.

She incorporates elements of tradition with her own unique ideas that represent her and her fiancé to leave her own special mark on her wedding day.

She can’t live without social media.  You can count on her cell phone or tablet the be the perfect accessory!

She puts family first above all else. She loves spending time with her girlfriends doing things such as wine tastings, attending concerts or even a night to sip and paint.

She maximizes her investments in those things that she values and on occasion will throw in a splurge.

She knows all the details she wants for her wedding down to a science but has a busy life and can’t commit the time needed to birth her wedding dream.

She enjoys being engaged and can’t wait to become MRS.

She knows the wedding is the beginning of her forever.

If this sounds like you, then we should arrange a consultation to begin the Angela Nicole experience.  

After the Wedding
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