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Who I Am

Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable Events

On a day you aren’t planning events what are you doing? 

Spending quality time with family, reading, or scrolling through social media. 


If you could meet any one in the world past or present who would it be?

Michelle Obama because she is classy, intelligent, strong, elegant and has a fun side. 


What’s one question you like to ask people to get to know them?

I like to ask what type of activities they enjoy during their spare time. It really helps me capture the essence of who they are.


What’s your favorite song to dance to?

I can’t pick a favorite song because I am a line dance kind of girl.  I love, love, the Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide and the Mississippi Mudslide.


Guilty Pleasure?

Any show that Tyler Perry produced and Real House Wives with a side of sushi.


What you love most about planning special events?

I love learning about my client. I love telling their story through the planning and carrying out of their vision with the special details that represent who they are. I do not think there is anything more special than witnessing my client shed a tear or have the jaw dropping effect because things exceeded their expectations.


Explain your perfect client match.

Somebody who isn’t afraid to do things differently……they may even identify themselves as a Limited Edition !


Does Angela Nicole , sounds like your kind of planner? Contact her now to get your complimentary consultation scheduled today !

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